Six Must-Know PCB Technology

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Printed Circuit Board

As a PCB designer, you are definitely have a wealth of PCB knowledge about PCB technology, design, manufacturing, etc. In this article, let’s discuss six must-know PCB technology for your reference.

1.All PCBs must obey Ohms Law
Ohms law specifies the relationship between voltage, current and resistance. It indicates that the voltage V must be equal to the product of current I and resistor R, the formula is V = I*R. All PCB components must be connected in consistent with Ohms law.

2.Flexible printed circuits are more easily fabricated
The manufacturing process is more accurate than the normal PCB board with the use of flexible printed circuits (FPC). Flexible printed circuits require much shorter assembly time, and this is why flexible printed circuit fabrication is more common in PCB technology now. FPC can also be used with the PCB in the same circuit.

3.PCB can be ruined by static electricity
Static electricity or ESD can easily ruin the circuit in the PCB boards. One reason is that PCB can only bear much lower current and voltage than the electrostatic current. It is recommended that PCBs should be always used in areas without any form of static electricity.

4.PCB can take up to 30% of overall product cost
When manufacturing new products, you should be careful about the cost for new PCB development. It is important to consider an alternative rather than a custom design. This is because the PCB may account for a large portion of the total expenditure.

5.PCBs could be very harmful to environment
PCB board contains certain levels of harmful substances to human health and environment like lead, cadmium, mercury and other hazardous substances. If PCB waste are discarded carelessly, these substances will eventually be in the soil and in the river.

6.PCB manufacturers prefer SMT
Surface mount technology or SMT involves placing and soldering the device on the surface of the printed circuit board rather than drilling through the PCB.  (THT) which is a manual process, this is usually pick and place automatically. Though SMT has not completely replaced THT, if you want to have a good relationship with your PCB manufacturer, you'd better design most if not all PCB devices as surface mount devices.

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