Soldering Safety Tips (Part 1)

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While soldering is not generally a hazardous activity, there are a few things to keep in mind.
Solder, flux and cleaners: Always use rosin and lead -free solders. Always wash your hands with soap and water after soldering.
Lead exposure: Lead can cause serious chronic health effects. Exposure will indirectly hurt your skin, wear gloves if directly handling solder.
Rosin exposure: Rosin is a resin contained in solder flux. Flux always generates fumes during soldering. Exposure to rosin can cause eye, throat and lung irritation, nose bleeds and headaches. Always exposure can cause respiratory and skin sensitization, causing and aggravating asthma.  
Control of fumes: Only there is no other good alternative, can manufacturers use rosin during soldering. Fumes should be vented to the outside properly and immediately. 
Training and supervision: Supervisors/line managers should inform users of the risks from soldering, and ensure that all workers can solder appropriately.

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