Soldering Safety Tips (Part 2)

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EPCB suggest you to read risk assessments and chemical safety information before soldering. 
Health Surveillance: All those soldering frequently (i.e. more than once a week) and any using rosin containing solders should be arranged for health surveillance on a regular basis.
Electrical Safety: Do not use soldering irons that have obvious damage to body, cable or plug. Every 12 months, all soldering irons should have electrical safety testing. Keep the soldering station free of electrical cables to prevent damage from the heated tip.
Fire Prevention: Work on a fire-proof or fire resistant surface. Wear fire resistant clothing (e.g. 100% cotton) that covers your arms and legs to prevent accidental burns. Know where your nearest fire extinguisher is and how to use it.
Waste: Collect waste solder in a lidded container. Used solder sponges and contaminated rags should be placed in a sealable bag for disposal as hazardous waste.

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