Soldering Tools That Make Your Life Easier

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The soldering tools you need to get started with soldering are a soldering iron and some solder wire. But there are some other tools that will make your soldering much easier. Aside from the soldering iron and the solder wire, here are a few other useful tools that EPCB would recommend to have when soldering electronics.

Wet Sponge: A wet sponge is very useful for cleaning the tip of the soldering iron. The tip is hot so that it will oxidize very fast and get dirty. A clean tip transfers heat faster and makes your soldering easier. A sponge is so cheap, so you should always keep one together with your other soldering tools.

Tweezers: Tweezers are some very handy soldering tools. You use them to keep components in their place and to avoid burning your fingers when soldering. You can also use them for placing small surface mount components.

Solder sucker: The solder sucker is a mechanical vacuum pump that sucks the solder away from the solder joint when it is melted.

Solder wick: The solder wick is a tool you use for de-soldering. It is made up of copper threads that will “suck” the solder from the solder joint. The solder wick is used for removing small amounts of solder. 

Soldering Tools  

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