Standard and Custom Spec PCBs

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When you are in the process of designing your PCBs, to largely suit your application, it is important for you to choose the best PCB type, so you will come upon the option of purchasing a standard or custom spec PCB. Actually, it is no so difficult to determine which will work better for your system as long as you know the difference depends on looking at the exact specs of each option. 

At EPCB, you can order any quantity of standard or custom spec PCBs and both options undergo the same rigorous fabrication and quality-check processes. Turnaround time is the same, so it really is a matter of knowing the specs you need. If you are still unsure whether to get a standard or custom spec PCB, please keep in mind what you ultimately need your PCB to do. Then you can find a full list of capabilities online to get more information before making your decision. Besides, you can contact the team at EPCB for additional help with your order.

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