Symptoms of PCB Malfunctions

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PCB malfunctions are inevitable and they can occur during all their service life. The possibility of PCB failure or performance degradation depends on the quality of the PCB components. In this article, we will describe some of the most common PCB symptoms that indicate potential defects in a printed circuit board.

The system can not be initialized or initialized slowly- is an occurrence which can have its source in the PCB board, a component burned out or a pin getting detached could be the reason of a system failing to initialize, even if it initializes but with a considerable delay. Loose connections or broken components in the PCB may block the signal, delaying the initialization process.

Strange noise comes from the board or actuator connected to the board- this usually happens with stepping drivers. Noise from the driver may indicate that the driver is damaged and is struggling to energize the pulse of the stepper's movement. The other component connected to the driver may also be damaged, and the potentiometer often used to control the output power of the driver may be damaged or increased in resistance, thereby weakening the control signal.

Poor actuator response- each actuator connected to a circuit board relies on circuitry inside the PCB. Actuators may not necessarily fail completely even certain parts of the PCB don’t work. It may slow down or experience interference, such as a heater getting heated up which may indicate loose circuit board connections or a damaged component like the transistor.

The system or some of it behaves strangely- this is one of the most common PCB malfunctions may be caused by a PCB defect. A processor that controls all logic may have a bad connection or may be damaged by high temperatures or impurities in the board. This can cause unwanted signals to flow through the board or miss some signals, thus causing the system actuator to move unreasonably.

Other symptoms of PCB malfunctions may include clicking noises, hardware not being recognized by the computer, components that are overheating, and the smell of smoke or burning on the board. Printed circuit boards that are not properly assembled may have symptoms of failure after a short period of use. Properly made PCB can also show signs of failure, especially when worn for long periods of time.

PCB Board  

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