Tab Route PCBs

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Tab Route PCBs

Getting the exact printed circuit boards you need for your project needs your exact specifications so that everything is made right the first time. A tab route is used to create arrays, often referred to as route and retain. First, you can design your tab route configuration with EPCB. Then, you can place multiple PCBs with the same or different design in an array or panelized configuration. You can then separate the PCBs by breaking or cutting the tabs. A big advantage to tab routing is the ability to make boards in shapes other than rectangles. On the down side, it takes a bit more PCB material and can put a lot of stress on the area near the tab. That being the case, we recommend that you not put components too close to the tabs. Actually our EPCB have a special tool to avoid stressing the boards when necessary, so we can ensure the quality of your printed circuit boards. 

Tab Route PCBs  

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