The Evolution of Consumer Electronics

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Waterproof electronics is known by public until very recently. In fact, it wasn’t that long ago that a toilet was a smartphone’s worst nightmare. Come to think of it, it wasn’t even that long ago that words like smartphone, tablet and wearable were completely unheard of by us. Today we list some of the most influential and important consumer electronics innovations over the last 50 years.

1977 – Apple II is introduced and becomes a highly successful personal computer.
1979 – Sony releases the Walkman.
1984 – Motorola blows the world away with the DynaTAC. A two-pound wonder that retailed for $4K
1989 – Nintendo Gameboy attracts gamers everywhere.
1993 – Intel introduces the Pentium Microprocessor which efficiently promotes the development of personal computers.
1997 – The Digital Video Disc (DVD) is invented.
1998 – Apple introduces the first iMac, making it the gold standard for personal computers.
2001 – Apple makes music stylish with the iPod.
2007 – Apple changes the cellphone market forever with the introduction of the iPhone.
2015 – Apple releases the Apple Watch.
2016 – Apple releases iPhone 7.

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