The Function of Connecting Wires

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Connecting Wires

Connecting wires provide a medium to an electrical current so that they can travel from one point on a circuit to another. In the case of computers, wires are embedded into circuit boards to carry pulses of electricity. Most wires in computers and electronic components are made of copper or aluminum, because copper is cheap and electrically conductive. 

In a basic circuit, the wire comes from one terminal of a power source, then connects to a switch that determines whether the circuit is open or closed. The connected wires of a device are used to draw power and electricity, and perform specified tasks. Before a current can travel through the wire, the circuit has to be closed; in other words, there cannot be any breaks in the path. Electricity cannot easily travel through air, and if it does there is a risk of stray current leaking into the surroundings and causing damage or failing to power the appliance.

Connecting Wires  

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