The Growing Trend of PCB Design

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PCB Board

The human race has entered into the information society in 21st century. The rapid development of the electronics industry has deeply combined people's work and life with varieties of electronic products. And as an indispensable carrier of each electronic product, printed circuit board had played an increasingly important role because electronic equipment is featured with high-performance, high-speed, and thin. Nowadays, PCB board has occupied a pivotal position in the electronic interconnect technology industry.

Driven by Moore's Law, the function of electronic products is getting stronger with higher integration, faster signal speed, and shorter product development cycle. With the continuous miniaturization, precision and high-speed of the electronic products, PCB design not only needs to complete the components’ line connection, but also to solve challenges caused by the high-speed and high-density requirements.

PCB design is no longer a subsidiary of hardware development, but become an important part during the hardware development as ‘front-end IC, back-end PCB, SE integration’.

The IC company is not only completed the development of the chip, while giving a typical design as a reference.

According to product features, system engineers complete the IC selection and functional definition in accordance with the principle of IC company. While traditional hardware engineers will gradually turn to IC engineers and PCB engineers by gradually reducing the circuit work and circuit development work.

PCB engineers begin to design the PCB board according to the principle scheme provided by system engineers, the overall consideration about SI, PI, EMI, structure and heat helped by structural engineers, and the consideration about current PCB factory processing technology and capability.

PCB Design  

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