The Importance of Accurate PCB Data

Dated:2017-01-06      Popularity:1135

Printed Circuit Board

Have you ever communicated and negotiated with PCB manufacturers about the data in your Gerber file? Do you know check files with them once more means reducing potential mistakes in the coming days? The reason why the accurate printed circuit board data is so critical is listed as follows: 

1. The accurate data can speed up the quoting process. If the PCB data has some errors, such as panel drawing, board specification, the manufacturer will discuss with you many times before they can confirm every data you provided. And the discussion is definitely a delay for both of you. 

2. The accurate data can cut your cost to some extent. Have you ever experienced that you suddenly found faults in the PCB design when your manufacturer was fabricating your printed circuit boards as per your Gerber file? If yes, you must find that the price for this project may be twice than the usual one, that’s because once manufacturers began working boards into production with spec given, they are unable to make any modification as all tools had been prepared. 

3. The accurate data can improve the board’s stability. Manufacturers always appreciate working with those customers who put detail fabrication note and board specification, so that manufacturers almost have no doubt about the following process, and almost guarantee that customers can get qualified boards as expected. The fabrication note always includes the information about material, surface finish, color of solder mask and legend, markings, test requirement, and registration and tolerance. 

Have you understood the significance of the accurate data in PCB manufacturing?


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