The Importance of RoHS Compliant

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RoHS aims to protect your own safety. Though the non-RoHS products won’t do harm to your health immediately, the issue with such chemicals is their long term exposure. Simply washing your hands does not remove the negative effects of these substances because exposure is not limited to consumption. Exposure to a chemical is when your body physically contacts with the chemical which includes holding it with bare hands. The biggest non-RoHS chemicals are: lead, cadmium, mercury, and most brominated plastics.

Still, there are some companies against the RoHS, often because it is costly to a manufacturing business. Moreover, the initial costs of changing a company's standards can be substantial and constant effort must be made to maintain compliance. The combination of RoHS-compliant implementation and maintenance can be extremely expensive; in some cases it may cost millions of dollars.

All in all, though the cost of complying with the RoHS is really expensive, customers’ health is the priority. Here we promise that PCBs fabricated by EPCB are all RoHS goods. 


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