The Most Common Components (PART 2)

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Except resistor, resistor, diode, transistor and integrated circuit we talked in the previous blog, relay, inductor, crystal and common integrated circuits are also listed in the most common electronic components. Today, we give a brief introduction to how these four components work. 
Relay: A relay is an electrically operated switch. If you connect power to the relay, the switch opens. If you disconnect the power, the switch closes. 
Inductor: Inductors are strange components made up of wire in a coil. Energy is stored in a magnetic field in the coil as long as current flows. 
Crystal: A crystal oscillator is a component used to create a precise frequency for example as a clock for a microcontroller.
Common integrated circuits: Micro controllers can be thought of as a tiny little computer. You can program them to do whatever you want. The 555 timer is a classic. It has been with us since the 70’s. It is used mainly for creating timers, oscillators and pulse generators. 

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