The Parylene History

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Parylene chemistry is used to create a thin film coating material to protect electronics from various environmental factors such as water, humidity and other corrosive liquids. So what exactly is parylene? Very simply stated, it is a natural polymer. While there have been ongoing advances made in parylene chemistry, equipment and application over the past 40 years, there are a few landmark dates in the history of the material that need to be mentioned here.

1947: Michael Szwarc discovers the polymer which finally becomes the parylene. 
1947~1965: Parylene catches people’s eye of the academic and scientific communities, who are committed themselves to advancing the development of the parylene chemistry. 
1965: Union Carbide announces a new coating system, and parylene becomes commercially available.
1965~Today: Parylene R&D is still ongoing and utilized as a protective barrier, which has a huge market share in industrial and medical market. Moreover, parylene has become a viable option for protecting electronics in markets that have not been considered before.


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