The Price of Copper Foil

Dated:2017-02-09      Popularity:1383

Copper Foil

Electrodeposited copper foil is the main material for copper clad laminate and PCB board. The electrolytic copper production utilization rate has been increased year by year while the global and local capacity has little difference.

In recent years, the explosive growth of new energy vehicles has expanded the demand for copper foil which made a tight market. That’s why the price of copper foil increased a lot in 2016, so did the PCB board.

In the history, the increased price of copper foil had directly improved the CCL and PCB manufacturers’ margin, and their shock price had jumped 3~5 times. With the more demand for PCB boards, it may be not difficult for PCB industry to achieve double-digit growth speed rate.

Although the certification cycle is long and the threshold is high, the rapid development of the auto market has driven the auto PCB market scale up to 100 billion.

PCB Board  

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