Thermal Management in MCPCB

Dated:2016-12-22      Popularity:1121


A better thermal management can make sure that your PCB will function as expected. In this article, EPCB will give a brief introduction about thermal management in metal core PCB, also named MCPCB.

MCPCB fails to work when the temperature above 140℃, that is because it is restricted by the feature of dielectric layer also named insulated layer. The point to remember is that thermal resistance at high power point would be a priority concern. Thermal connection between LED and MCPCB is under the help of thermal vias, and arrange them at different planes can reduce the overall system temperature by 10°C.

To control the thermal management, change LED component is one way, while using various heat-dissipating materials is another way. For example, copper can provide better thermal conductivity, aluminum is cheaper, MCPCBs use coated steel, etc. In addition, external heat sinks also can be used to address the thermal resistance issue and achieve better thermal management.


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