Things to Consider before Buying PCB Boards

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Before purchasing PCB boards from a PCB manufacturer, you’d better take the following four points into consideration.

Expected Usage
Before placing an PCB order, you need to be aware of your intended use of the PCB. For example, maybe your PCB will end up in an open area in a certain cosmetic store, which means it needs to have a beautiful finish and resistant to rust. Or your PCB may be a shield for a motherboard that generates heat, which means an aluminum clad PCB (ACPCB) would be the best choice due to its superior heat dissipation.

Minimum Order
Before starting mass fabrication as per a PCB design, you are often not sure about the actual performance. In this case, you want to buy a few PCB boards. This means that you need a PCB manufacturer who can supply a small volume PCB at a low cost. 

PCB Must Pass the Test
Before ordering PCB boards, you need to make sure whether your PCB meets the guidelines for hazardous substances (RoHS). This will ensure that your board is safe for you and the surroundings. Printed circuit boards are typically sources of radio frequency interference (RFI) or electromagnetic interference (EMI). If your PCB failed to pass the test, it may interfere with other signals and cause unnecessary or unexpected results.

PCB Manufacturer

Potential PCB Manufacturer
If your one-off project is successful and deployed for commercial use, mass production is a must. This means that if you choose the right manufacturer for the PCB at the initial stage, it will be easy to move to the next level of PCB development. And at the end of PCB life, you may want to add more functionality and ultimately enable it to handle more complex tasks. Therefore, the PCB manufacturer you choose should have the potential to grow with technology.

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