Things to Know about PCB Design

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Printed Circuit Board

We are used to prototyping circuits on a breadboard and designing our own printed circuit board now. However, do you really know that there is a lot to know about this process? PCB design always happens during the electrical engineering process. Without electronics, you basically have just a bunch of metal and plastic in your hands. 

There are several things need to know before starting the PCB design and are as follows: 

1. PCB size depends on your product size which is defined during electronic engineering design process. 

2. The more PCB layers indicate the more complicated and expensive the manufacturing of the PCB will be. Sometimes, even a single layer PCB can be a very complex one. Always, 2 layers are used for toy products, 4 layers for IOT-related products, 6 to 8 layers for smart phone or smart watch.

3. Make sure you read the guidelines about traces size, power isolation, and file naming before you start designing.

4. Information you will need to provide to the PCB manufacturer contains number of layers, material, board thickness, solder mask color, silkscreen color, surface finish, finished copper weight and the Gerber file. 

PCB Design  

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