Things to Remember before an Embedded Product Development

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Embedded Product

Any product development is a challenge, while an embedded product development adds a few more levels to this challenge. In this article, EPCB lists 3 things that you should keep in mind before an embedded product development.

Do a Proof of Concept
All product development involves risks, existing in design, engineering, marketing, production, etc. During product development, you should do a proof of concept, which might take some money and time, but it helps you to alleviate the risk and set right expectation.

Focus Quality and Stability 
Quality and stability of the product are supreme. They really mean a lot of things, especially for an embedded product.
Quality: The product should be consistent and work as advertised every time it is switched ON. 
Stability: An embedded product is a combination of embedded system and embedded application. A stable embedded product should have a stable system which won’t breakdown under normal user stress and a stable application which would behave on expected lines.

Make the Right Trade-Off 
You should never compromise on the product core or quality. Except that, to build a successful product to meet your expectation, sometimes you have to trade-off on a lot of other things. Things like cost, optimized manufacturing, stringent deadline, etc. won’t run smoothly most of the times. To meet your deadline, you have to compromise to increase the cost or reduce some features. If you want all the features, you have to increase cost or delay the release date. All in all, have to make the right trade-off or you would kill your product.

Embedded Product  

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