Three Basic PCB Terminology

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A printed circuit board is a plate-like board used or soldering different components together on a circuit. The board serves as an interconnection between different devices connected by copper or tracks. The simple copper layer board is known as the first layer of PCB board. Some basic PCB concepts and PCB terminologies of board design are discussed as follows.

Silkscreen is a method of printing information by using solder mask to facilitate the assembly process on the PCB. Silkscreen is usually used for PCB verification and repair. The overlay process is used to indicate test points for better orientation, positioning, and reference of the components to be soldered on the surface of PCB board. 

PCB solder mask

Solder Mask
Solder mask is used to avoid any short circuit of the PCB. The electrical components are mounted on the PCB by soldering. The soldering process is implemented by soldering lines and soldering iron. The soldering iron is the device that melts the wire on the PCB. In the case where wires are melted between the different layers of the PCB, soldering mask is used for removing such traces of soldering wire.

PCB copper layer

Copper Layer or Tracks
Copper layer or track is the conductive path used to connect the two components on the PCB. The copper layer is also the source of two pads or vias connected to the printed circuit board. The width of the track depends on the requirements. Copper path is used to provide a way to conduct current. For high-frequency circuits, long width of the copper track is required to maintain high current and voltage.

PCB Terminology  

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