Tips for Avoiding PCB File Errors

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Though online custom and standardized printed circuit boards contribute to the actual ordering process, most customers find it is difficult to relay the exact PCB design requirements they need. After over 10 years’ experience, we concluded the following useful tips for you to keep in mind when ordering a PCB.

Copper/Silkscreen Combos
An increasing number of PCB designs are being manufactured with silkscreen layers that are superimposed onto the copper layers. 
This doesn’t mean that company names and part numbers are not required when designing copper layers, but do not forget to specify if you need other options.

When ordering PCB boards, an easy way for customers to express design requirements and intent is to offer manufacturer a readme text file which contains all the key and important information about the PCB design. It’s too often when features are misinterpreted due to mistranslation in the Gerber and drill files.

PCB Drilling
Do not forget to specify the hole size on the PCB. If do not mention the required size, some engineers will follow the standard route. In addition, if you are not sure, you can use the minimum size 0.016", which will allow your project to qualify for PCB prototyping programs.

PCB Outline
Is the mechanical/outline included in the PCB design? If its specification is necessary as without the extents of manufacturing design, it is not possible to provide an accurate quote at the ordering stage.

Revision Control
Files (both non-updated and updated) are submitted to the PCB manufacturer, remember to update the version level. Even for the most experienced PCB designers, modifying control errors can be challenging and may become an expensive mistake for customers.

To avoid these PCB design errors, the simple way is to download a viewer and review the NC drill and Gerber files before sending them to the fabricator. If you avoid miscommunication during the early PCB ordering process, then you can avoid delays and unnecessary costs. At the very least, by doing this, customers and PCB manufacturers will be on the same page.

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