Tips for Choosing A PCB Board Design Software

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PCB Board Design Software

If you are serious working as an electronic designer, you may need to purchase a professional PCB design software instead of relying on a free one. The cost of professional software are different, but some most high-end software must definitely set you back for a fortune. Therefore, it is important to evaluate four aspects before making a purchase decision.

Accurate Design Rule Check
Any error in the PCB design software can be expensive because it means that no errors are detected on the prototype or finished board. Software suppliers have a good record and reference is very important. When you set up complex design rules, PCB design software must perform accurate checks.

Component Library
As more new electronic components are introduced, you will need a professional PCB design software with a comprehensive library. Therefore, it is unreasonable to spend countless hours to create footprints manually when you invest in a design software. At the very least, a qualified PCB design software should have a smart footprint generator tool.

Intelligent Routing Function
One critical reason why professional PCB design deserves its cost is to save you much time. A good design software allows complex tasks to be efficiently performed with the help of software intelligence. Functions like interactive or auto-routing are what you should look for in a good PCB design software.

Intuitive User Interface
A paid professional PCB design software should be separate from the free version of their counterparts. The software's user interface should be graphical and intuitive to the designer. A PCB project can become much complex, thus you won’t want to spend valuable time learning how to organize your documents or bringing up measurement tools.

Before spending hundreds of dollars to buy a PCB board design software, you should carefully evaluate the above aspects among various vendors.

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