Tips for Choosing A PCB Manufacturer

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With the increasing competition in the PCB industry, PCB design companies are constantly looking for low-cost PCB manufacturers. However, choosing a right manufacturer doesn’t mean choosing the one who can give you the cheapest quotation. Regardless of the country from which you want to get your PCB manufacturer, the following are some of the priorities that are worth considering before hiring any company.

Printed Circuit Board

There is no manufacturing process can ensure zero defect rate. Electrical testing may help to reduce defects, but choosing a reputable low cost PCB manufacturer can provide some form of guarantee for product defects. Since these defects may not be found during the assembly process, thus a clear procedure in how claims can be made against the manufacturer is absolutely very important.

Lead Time
Some PCB manufacturers offer high quality PCB at low cost, but compromise with long lead time. If you are running a time-sensitive production plan, be sure to carefully confirm the manufacturer's lead time including shipping time.

PCB Manufacturing Capability
Do your PCBs require high precision manufacturing? Or do your flexible PCB board used in an intelligent wearable device? Before proceeding with any order, consult your manufacturer's technical team to check if they can meet your design requirements. Sometimes, simple specifications such as the width of traces and clearance could be different from various manufacturers.

PCB Quality
In any case, the quality of the PCB is definitely not affected by the cost reduction. Ensure that the PCB manufacturer has prior track record and reference. If you’re still in doubt, it is a good idea to order the minimum sample to measure the quality before mass fabrication.

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