Tips for Easy Assembly

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No matter you are students, hobbyists, engineers, etc., you all want to spend less without sacrificing quality when you are designing your PCBs. That is why it is important to keep a few printed circuit board tips in mind in order to help you simplify assembly and get the PCBs you need. Use a good drawing package that locates components on your PCB and consult your manufacturer to ensure the finish you chose will work best with their assembly process. 

It is also very critical whether to choose automated or hand assembly for your printed circuit board order, because the final choice will affect your budget and production time. If the quantity of your PCB which needs to be fabricated is small, assembly by hand is a viable option, while a high volume run may require automated assembly because it can be more cost efficient. Also consider the fact that the volume of your run is not only determined by the number of PCBs you order but also the number of components you have on each PCB. 

Easy Assembly  

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