Tips for PCB Layout Design

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PCB layout is an important part during the whole design process. Layout results will have a direct impact on the wiring results, therefore a reasonable layout is the first step for as successful PCB design.

PCB layout has two ways, one is the interactive layout, the other is automatic layout, usually based on the automatic layout with an interactive layout to adjust. In the layout, the gate can also be redistributed according to the routing conditions, the two gate circuits are exchanged, making it the best layout for easy wiring.

After the layout is completed, the design documents and related information can also be returned back to the schematic diagram so that the relevant information in the PCB is consistent with the schematic diagram so that the design can be changed in the future by changing the design. At the same time the simulation of the relevant information to be updated, so that the circuit's electrical performance and function board-level verification.

To make a successful product, one should pay attention to the intrinsic quality, and second, take the overall appearance into account. On a PCB board, the layout of components requires a balanced, dense and orderly design. 

You need to check the layout according to the following principles:

1.Printed board size is consistent with the size of the processing drawings, PCB manufacturing process can meet the requirements, with or without positioning mark.

2.No conflicts may happen among components in two-dimensional and three-dimensional space.

3.Components that need to replace frequently can easily replace, and the plug-in board is easy to insert the device.

4.Whether there is an appropriate distance between the heat-sensitive element and the heat-generating element.

5.If adjustable components are easy to adjust as required.

6.If  a heat sink is installed in the required place, the air flow is good.

7.If the signal flow is smooth and the interconnection is shortest or not.

8.The design of plugs, sockets and other mechanical tools is contradictory or not.

9.Whether the line interference problem is considered.

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