Tips for You to Consider When Selecting PCB Suppliers

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Are you in need of a good supplier for printed circuit boards?

The truth is that every year, EMS and OEM companies try to find ways of reducing costs in the supply chain. In fact, some people have traveled the world looking for quality direct suppliers. All too often, this kind of search and required travel results in gathering business cards and brochures but not finding and selecting a good printed circuit board supplier that they are comfortable with.

Sometimes, it can take years to find a high-quality printed circuit board supplier, which is frustrating and expensive. If you are currently looking for a supplier of PCBs, one that you can trust, be sure to consider the potential risks before you make the hiring decision.

Compliance with Customs – For managing customer compliance, as well as details for all other important issues, it is imperative that you learn all of the customs requirements or hire someone who is already versed and familiar with the key terms and expectations.

Poor Quality Control – Because there are so many lines of communication, managing quality becomes increasingly more difficult. Unfortunately, if a product is sent that you are not able to return in exchange for a refund or purchase credit, many trading companies and suppliers have no problem in breaking ties with the relationship and moving on with little remorse.

Not Saying No – One of the most frightening of all aspects when dealing with suppliers in Asia is that no one wants to deny business. Literally, there are family members and friends of trading companies and suppliers that will try to do the work or find someone that they believe can do the work. Even worse, these people will go as far as committing to a lead time just to secure the business. Sadly, when they are late in delivering, all you can do is wait and wish for an improved and speedy resolution. The opportunity to start over at this point and find a more efficient supplier, most certainly will exceed expected costs and turn around requirements.

Returns and Credits – Once you have paid for all of the product, you will find that no one is interested in taking it back even upon receipt of claims of low quality, inferior workmanship, etc. The reason is that trading companies and suppliers have thin margins, so when they process a return, they take a loss. Very few times will you find a supplier who is actually willing to offer you a credit.

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