Tips to Check Your PCB Layout

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PCB Layout

Before you send your board layout to PCB manufacturer, you’d better double check your board design for errors. No one can make sure his/her design is perfect. Very often you can find mistakes on a board, and they can be removed by making sure your layout is correct. Even if you are sure your layout is correct, there are a few other checks you should do to minimize errors.

Check for Unrouted nets----- It is possible for you to miss a wire when routing, so you should always be 100 % sure that all your nets are routed before sending a board to PCB manufacturing. 

Board layout consistency check----- Before sending your design to PCB manufacturer, you should make sure your board layout and design stay consistent, which means that their set of parts/elements and nets/signals must be the same. 

Test design rules----- Use the design rule check (DRC) to make sure your drill holes, trace widths, spacings and such are within the capabilities of your PCB manufacturer. 

If everything goes smoothly, then you boards can be fabricated by PCB manufacturer.

Tips  Check PCB Layout  

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