Tips to Reduce Lead Time

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Lead time is always a concern for anybody selling product. Short lead time gives you advantage on the competition because a client always prefer to be delivered quickly. Below are a few tips about how you can attempt to reduce lead time when manufacturing PCBs in China.

Limit transportation time: If the suppliers of your parts or components are far from your final assembler, then the delivery time will be added. When sourcing for parts, try to purchase some parts from supplier nearby your final assembler which can reduce transportation time. 

Make sure the production line availability: Before starting an order, you should review the planning with your manufacturer to make sure they have availability on their production line. If you are a small company and just order a small order, then you’d better work with smaller manufacturer. If you cooperate with a big manufacturer, no matter how reliable and stable it is, you won’t have more leverage on getting priority.

Cooperate with several suppliers for standard parts: You’d better have your own supply chain with back up suppliers for your parts. Make sure you have 2 or 3 suppliers capable to make your parts if necessary. This can help to avoid shortage from one supplier by switching to another one.

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