Tracing a Short Circuit

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Short Circuit

The term short circuit is often used to refer to a whole range of electrical issues and malfunctions. However, a short circuit occurs when a circuit is configured in a way that allows current to travel down an unintended path. Often, whatever wire or path the electrical current heads down is "short" in that it has a low electrical resistance. The sudden influx of so much current can result in a spark or a blown fuse.

To trace a short circuit, all the electrical switches should be turned off. All lights and other electric appliances should be unplugged. The tripped circuit breaker should be reset. After resetting the breaker, if it trips again immediately, there is a possibility of a short circuit in a receptacle or a switch. If the circuit breaker does not trip, turn on each switch until the breaker trips again. When the breaker trips upon turning on a particular switch, it is evident that there is a short circuit in a fixture or receptacle controlled by the switch.

Short Circuit  

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