Types of Diode

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A diode is a component that only conducts electricity in one direction. It is commonly used to convert from alternating current to direct current. There are several types of diode which can be a little bit confusing for newcomers. Here EPCB would like to share the most standard types of diodes that are commonly used by hobbyists.

Rectifier Diode: The rectifier diode is typically used for rectifying alternating current to direct current. They can usually handle big currents and voltages. 

Signal Diode: A signal diode is a small component of electrical circuits forcing electricity to flow in only one direction. It is designed to pass very small currents, and have several applications in signal processing. The signal diode works the same way as the rectifier diode. But it is faster than the rectifier diode and is sometimes referred to as a high-speed diode. The most typical signal diode is the 1N4148.

Zener diode: The Zener diode is a very useful type of diode as it provides a stable reference voltage. As a result it is used in vast quantities and is widely used to provide a reference voltage in power supplies. 


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