Types of Resistors by Function

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A Power Wirewound Resistor

There are many different types of resistors with various composition, characteristics, and functions. Some resistors are used as light sensors, while others are used to measure heat. Today, EPCB will go over four different types of resistors classified by the functions they perform. 

Power Wirewound Resistors: They can handle a large amount of power, usually up to 50W, so they are largely used in high-power applications than other resistors which only can handle a power from 0.25W to 2W. 

Precision Resistors: They have a tolerance level as low as 0.005% which means they only vary 0.005% from its nominal value. Every resistor has its own tolerance value, and that value can tell us how close to the nominal value a resistance can vary. For example, a 100Ω resistor that has a tolerance value of 10%, may have a resistance that is somewhere between 10% above 100Ω (110Ω) or 10% below 100Ω (90Ω). Because precision resistors vary very little from their nominal values, so they are largely used in ultraprecise applications.

Fusible Resistors: A fusible resistor is a wire-wound resistor used to burn open easily when the power rating of the resistor is exceeded. In a sense, a fusible resistor serves dual functions. When the power is normal, it serves as a resistor limiting current. While when the power rating is exceeded, it functions as a fuse, burning up, and become an open in the circuit to protect components in the circuit from excess current. 

Cement Resistors: They are of heat and flame resistant which is designed to handle a large amount of power flowing through it without being damaged by heat or flames. Typical power ratings range from 1W to 20W or more, and tolerances from the stated resistance value are around 5 percent.


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