UV Laser Application in Various PCB Materials

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UV Laser

UV laser is the best choice for a wide range of PCB applications, from the production of the most basic printed circuit boards, circuit cabling, to the production of pocket embedded chips and other advanced processes. In this article, two common applications will be discussed just for your reference.

Application: drilling holes
Another application that utilizes UV laser for its small beam size and low stress feature is drilling holes, including through holes, microholes, blind holes and buried holes. The UV laser system drills holes by focusing the vertical beam straight through the substrate. Depending on the chosen material, even a 10 μm hole can be drilled.
UV lasers are particularly useful for drilling a multi-layer board. Multilayer PCBs are made of composite materials by hot pressing. These so-called "semi-cured" will be separated, especially after processing by higher temperature laser. However, the relatively no-stress property of UV lasers can avoid this problem, that’s why the yield rate can be increased by using UV lasers.

Application: deeply engrave
UV lasers also can be used to engrave the board in various forms. Under the control laser system software, the laser beam is set for controlled ablation, that is, it can engrave on a material at the desired depth.
The UV laser can make multi-step operation on a substrate. As to the polyethylene material, the first step is to use a laser to produce a 2-mil depth groove, then generate a 8-mil depth groove on the basis of the previous step, the third step is a 10-mil depth groove. 

The most amazing feature of UV laser is the ability to use a single step to complete all of the above applications. This means people can get complete components just in one step instead of using different devices and methods.

UV Laser  

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