Understanding of Heavy Copper PCB

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Heavy Copper PCB

Heavy copper PCB is a growing trend in power supply system and power electronics industry. The main reason for high demand about these products is that the finished copper weight of printed circuit board is between 4 oz and 20 oz. They are much better than standard copper circuit board units with relatively less weight between 1 oz and 3 oz.

Today, most available PCBs in the market are designed for low power applications. However, the trend has shifted to heavy copper PCB products thanks to the following benefits:

a.With heavy copper, the current carrying capacity and heat-resistant capacity are increased.

b.Minimize the risk of circuit failure at high temperatures. Therefore, exotic materials can give full play to their potential.

c.PTH holes and connectors improve the mechanical strength due to heavy copper PCBs.

d.Product size can be reduced because there can be multiple copper weights in the same circuit layer.

e.With heavy copper circuit boards, manufacturers can increase copper thickness.

f.Heavy copper circuit boards can be connected to standard copper circuits.

The demand for heavy copper PCB has been increasing day by day, it’s high time you should start using it. Choose an experience and professional supplier at your back, you'll have endless opportunities of success.

Heavy Copper PCB  

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