Use Ground Planes to Protect Your PCB from ESD Damage

Dated:2017-07-26      Popularity:1055

Using grounding to protect from electrostatic discharge is necessary at many stages in your product development. It’s better to apply good grounding practices includes using an ESD mat and grounding yourself to your PCB design and reduce the dependence on the safe handling practices. 

There are a number of ways to utilize grounding for ESD protection, but first and foremost is using a ground plane. Although it’s not always feasible to use a multilayer design, the ground plane can really help you out if you’re concerned about ESD protection. As you know, a sudden voltage discharge will induce electromagnetic fields. A properly connected ground plane can reduce the damage from this by routing the current away from sensitive components.

Using a ground plane gives you another way to reduce the area of circuit loops in power to ground traces. When you reduce the area of circuit loops, you’ll decrease the total EMI induced within the loop area. That, in turn, decreases the corresponding current that can flow into components where it shouldn’t.

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