Useful PCB Board Design Software

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PCB Board Design Software

PCB board design software are really useful for PCB designers. In this article, EPCB would like to share the development history about PCB design software. 

Soon after the usage of printed circuit boards engineers wanted to easy the design process and automate them for better resolution and quality. Various methods were invented and used for this purpose like template printing and light imaging. After the evolution of computers software PCB design were invented. Since the launch of Genesis 2000 in 1992 various design software were released subsequently. The design data was made open source in 1997 which lead to the release of various small scale and personal PCB design software.

The PCB fabrication industry relies on the fabrication data or the Gerber data to produce a PCB. Since designers around the world prefer different PCB board design software solutions a universal fabrication format is mandatory. IPC regulates the standard format and Gerber variables. PCB board design software must be capable of producing a acceptable Gerber file and supporting data. The Gerber file includes the trace map, drill location, solder mast image, silk screen image, component outline and some other basic information.

Altium, Eagle, orCAD, are most used and premium PCB design versions. Backed up by tech giants they provide high level PCB design, auto routing and much more. These PCB design software suits can support up 16 layers on the home or personal edition and more on premium and industrial version. PCB board design software usually start with circuit design and makes its way to PCB design through netlist generation, component footprint selection and library selection. This step by step approach eases the overall PCB design process and avoids errors in the design process. Routing the PCB traces is the important task of the PCB board design software. Simpler the trace route the better because complex routing may cause interference and signal distortion. Modern software includes the manufacture’s data to comply with the standard.

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