Useful PCB Gerber File Viewer

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PCB Gerber File Viewer

It took you a few days to design a complex electronic controller. You have generated a manufacturing document and sent it to your reliable PCB manufacturer. But have you ever thought about checking your files with the Gerber File viewer?

Regardless of the PCB design software you are using, they are just as good as the developers who built them. When exporting PCB files to Gerber format, errors may occur. The problem of covers or pads covered by masking layers is common.

You may also encounter other problems such as drilling holes being mapped out of the board or some silkscreen is not being properly transferred. It is not possible to detect these problems simply by studying Gerber files in their original form. You need a Gerber file viewer to convert the raw data to a visual format.

If you are using an advanced PCB design software, there may include a Gerber file viewer. You can try this software to open a Gerber file and check if you get a visual representation of the above image. Otherwise, there is always the option of a Gerber viewers online. 

You can easily measure on the track and pads if use a good Gerber viewer. It will also allow you to open all levels of your design individually for better viewing. You also need to ensure that the observer gets the correct basics, such as not drilling the hole on the wrong coordinates.

Of course, a feature-rich, user-friendly Gerber file viewer may cost you some money., thus be sure to make the best choice.

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