Useful Tips When Designing with PCB Pins

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In a variety of applications, the embedded system is designed to interface with external devices via a wire-to-board connector. This requires the use of various types of PCB pins or headers in the design. Although PCB headers are non-electronic components, the right choice and best design practice can largely reduce problems in assembly and deployment.

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Choose Right Pitch and Material
PCB pins are available in various types and sizes. There are bare header pins and those that come with boxed enclosure and header. The available spacing is usually 2.54mm and 1.27mm, and they can be oriented at straight or right angles. The PCB header you choose will depend on the nature of the application and the device connected.

Place Your Right Angle PCB Headers Correctly
Consider the deployment carefully when designing with PCB headers. This is especially true for right-angle PCB connectors. A common mistake is to place the right angle PCB header too far into the board and causes the connection socket to be blocked by the edge of the PCB. You need to ensure that PCB headers are correctly aligned along the edge of the board.

Ensure Proper Pad and Hole Size in Footprint
PCB design software library generally can get footprints of commonly available PCB pins or headers. If you need to create your own footprint, you may need to pay attention to the pad size and hole size to make sure they are suitable for manual soldering. You won’t want to end up with broken pads because they are too thin, or PCB holes that are too loose or tight for the components. You wouldn’t want to end up with pads that broke easily because they are too thin, or PCB holes that are too loose or tight for the components.

Allow Enough Component Clearance around PCB Headers
Designers often make mistakes by setting the PCB pin or headers clearance based on the component outline. The connection socket may be larger than the PCB header and be blocked by other components nearby. It is always important to provide enough component clearance based on the connecting receptacle.

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