Vapor Phase Reflow Oven

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Reflow Soldering Machine

Vapor phase, also known as condensation soldering, requires boiled inert heat turning liquid into create a layer of vapor. Unlike convection, vapor phase ovens only take small floor space and the printed circuit board remains fixed in place. Then adjust the PCB to sit within, or above, or just on the surface of the oven, so vapor layer can complete the reflow process.

Cause little temperature difference will occur during the process, so vapor phase is a better choice for densely populated PCBs. Besides, a high heat transfer only needs little power, but still can achieve good wetting and have a smaller physical footprint. Vapor phase is recommended used in low volume boards.

When conducting your initial research it’s important to determine what equipment and capabilities your printed circuit boards really need and what would be nice to have. If you have no idea, you can consult your manufacturer about that. 

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