Vias in PCB Design

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No matter you’re a PCB designer, engineer, hobbyists, etc., do you really know all the difference between vias, or how many vias do you know? In this article, EPCB will discuss vias in printed circuit board design. 

We are much likely to design 0.4mm or 0.5mm diameter vias as all PCB are the same. In fact, it will be much cheaper to use the same via diameter on all PCBs, that’s because drilling machine can keep the same drill. The via diameter also determines the drill diameter, and this is an important information when designing vias in a PCB. To reduce PCB cost, you can use bigger vias.

If you plan to use aluminum, it’s not possible to use vias, however, if you plam to use copper insulated metal substrate, it is possible to use vias. Because this material is much stronger than FR4, so the drilling machine will face big problem and driller will ruin faster, that’s why it is better to design about 1 mm diameter vias for such PCBs. 

Hope this article is useful for your future PCB design about vias.

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