Visible PCB Problems

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Since PCB design software has become more professional and sophisticated, especially in auto-routing and design rule checking, engineers tend to utilize software to do PCB troubleshooting work. But occasionally, these PCB software may ignore some design parts which could cause problems at the post-production stage.

Before completing your files for production, three common PCB problems can be found in the PCB view of the design software.

Acid Traps
Acid traps usually exist on PCB component pads. When two parts of copper formed a narrow angle, such as a 45 degree joint, it is easy to capture the acid during the manufacturing process and, if the acid remains in the process, it will cause deterioration to the copper. Though most manufacturers claim to have superior technology in managing such acute angles, it is best to be cautious when deigning PCB board.

Overlapped PCB Silkscreen Masks

Overlapped PCB Silkscreen Masks

PCB silkscreen, especially masks are there for a good reason. But when you move components, you may have some masks that overlapping on top of each other. If this issue happens, your PCB board may seem to be unprofessional and make your PCB assembly a little bit complex.

Polygon Connection
We often use copper polygons to design positive voltage supply and ground. These polygons are interconnected by layers through hand-made vias or pads. One common problem is the interconnection of different polygonal layers with small vias that may not be enough to handle passing current. It is a good idea to manually check the polygon connection before completing PCB design file.

PCB Problems  

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