Ways to Use a Waterproof Phone

Dated:2016-10-16      Popularity:1117

Most people regard that the only benefit of a waterproof phone is to protect its functionality in case of an accidental drop into the water. Actually, the function is more than that. Here we would pull back the curtain a bit more by sharing five uses of a waterproof phone that maybe haven’t crossed your mind. 

Take advantage of your camera. Most phones today have robust camera settings for both motion and still capture. Features like slow motion, time-lapse, filters and panorama in an underwater or wet environment offer a unique opportunity to engage your creative side in a new medium. How about shooting your own video?

Waterproof is adventure’s best friend. Many times adventure takes us to places and environments where we wouldn’t dare expose our electronics due to fear of losing them forever to corrosion and water damage. From now on you can have your phone nearby to snap a pic or jot down a thought. 

Unfortunately, we recognize that not all of the phones today are waterproof or have limited capabilities in terms of liquid protection. But everything changes quickly, so it not far from that day we all can enjoy the function of waterproof phone.

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