What Cause PCB Bending?

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Some PCB customers may have such experience that the PCB he/she received is bending, and make he/she fail to place the components on an exact way. But have you ever wondered what cause PCB bending? In this article, EPCB summarizes some points that can cause PCB bending and how to avoid them in advance. 

What cause PCB bending?
1. Uneven copper on PCB will worsen boards bending and warp.
2. The circuit board layers connecting vias will limit the board to expand and contract.
3. The weight of circuit board will cause deformation of the board recess.
4. V-Cut depth and connecting bar will affect the amount of deformation panel.
5. Improper curing time duration in PCB fabrication process.
5. Unsymmetric stackup.
6. CCL lack of backing.
7. Rough handling.

The way to avoid PCB bending
1. To reduce the effect of temperature on the board's stress.
2. Use high Tg plate.
3. Increase the thickness of the circuit board.
4. Reduce board size and panel number.
5. Use router instead of V-cut.

Hope it can help you to avoid PCB bending.

PCB Bending  

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