What Causes PCB Failure?

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Printed circuit boards are largely used in our daily electronic products, therefore, when a PCB fails to function, it interrupts our individual lives tremendously.

The reasons for printed circuit board breakdown can commonly be associated to two aspects: operational issues arising from environmental problems, or operational issues caused by the design and manufacturing stage of the PCB. 

Environmental Problems

Environment-related issues caused when a PCB is uncovered to things or circumstances that have an effect on its performance. Temperature, debris, and wetness are the most widespread variables that hurt performance, whereas, unplanned impacts (such as dropping, discharge of electrostatic, collapsing, etc) or supply of surplus power from lightning or power rush can also be brutally damaging to your PCBs.

Remember, rudiments such as dirt can corrupt your board gradually, oxidizing it and hindering its existence. Also, severely high temperatures, very common on manufacturing grounds, can also damage its components.

Manufacturing Problems

Generally, human error is the origin of all the PCB manufacturing concerns. From misinterpreting a diagram to wrongly labeling a component, there is an unending list of issues that can arise at any given point in the design and manufacturing stage of PCB development.

Here's a quick overview of some common and ordinary PCB manufacturing problems:

1.components installed incorrectly or incorrectly placed;
2.improper soldering resulting in weak solder joints;

PCB solder joint
3.unsuitable thickness of the board eventually causing it to bend or break;
4.meager padding of traces leading to a voltage sweep, can be a probable cause of a burnt board;
5.traces and pathways unintentionally placed very closely to one another, causing short circuit;
6.improper connection between the layers of board contributing to unproductive performance;

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PCB Failure  Solder Joint  

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