What Factors Affect PCB Cost?

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PCB Board

Factors like the substrate, layer number, surface finish, delivery time, board size, etc., can affect PCB cost a lot. 

Delivery Time: The faster you need it, the more you have to pay. In general, a very simple PCB board requires less money even in urgent. 

Layer Number: Most customer prefer smaller and lighter product, they do not consider the size of the PCB board as often as layers. An alternative is to add more copper layers onto the PCB board, the additional layers allow more space for the routing of the traces. While increase the layer help increase the available space, it will also increase the cost of production and maintenance.

Substrate: Board material costs differently according to different quality and its tolerance range. For example, manufacturers always use the board which is within +/- 0.05 tolerance range, but customer requires +/-0.025 boards thickness tolerance. Under this condition, the price will be expensive 50% or so than the usual price.

Surface Finish: Generally, immersion gold, HASL and OSP are the most often surface finish choice of our customer for their PCB boards. However, immersion gold requires more time to fabricate, and the thicker the immersion gold is, the longer  the fabrication time is, so its cost is relatively more expensive.

PCB Cost  

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