What are the Basics of Electrical Wiring?

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Electrical Wiring

The basic concept of electrical wiring involves creating circuits that provide electrical power for equipment and devices. The majority of household wiring utilizes single-phased power to provide different voltage to outlets and appliances. 

The most basic rule of electrical wiring is to cut off the power before using wires, outlets or fixtures. It is a common procedure to disconnect power at the breaker and use a non-conducting voltage tester when wiring. A lockout tag is used to provide an additional level of safety when working with electrical wiring.

Single-phased power systems use two live wires and one neutral wire to provide power to outlets and appliances. Wiring a negative wire and a single live wire always produces lower voltage that is suitable for the majority of outlets and fixtures. Wiring both live wires can produce a higher voltage level that is needed to operate major household appliances. 

Electrical Wiring  

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