What is Dual and Split Phase Power

Dated:2016-11-19      Popularity:1301

Dual/Split Phase Power

It is not easy for PCB beginners to understand dual/split phase power in terminology. That’s why we use a simple analogy to describe it. Think of dual/split phase power like a bicycle where one phase can push on one pedal or both phases can push on both pedals (180 degrees out of phase with one another) rotating around a crankshaft axis (neutral). Mechanically, power is calculated as leg pressure times rotating speed. While electrically, power is calculated as voltage times current.

Dual or split phase power is also single phase because it’s a two wire alternating current power circuit. In the US, this is the standard household power arrangement with two 120V power wires (180 degrees out of phase with one another) like two bicycle pedals and one neutral wire. It is so efficient and flexible that most US households use this system. 

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