What is HDI PCB?

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PCB Board

High density interconnector or HDI PCB is a printed circuit board with a higher wiring density per unit than conventional PCB. They have finer lines and spaces, smaller vias and higher connection pad density, which can reduce board size and weight, and improve electrical performance. It is the best alternative to expensive standard laminate or sequentially laminated boards.

If PCB boards require high speed signal, it must process some alternating current characteristics like impedance control, high-frequency transmission capability and reduce unnecessary radiation. To reduce the problem of signal transmission quality, it is necessary to use the insulating material with low dielectric factor and low attenuation ratio. With the popularity of portable and smaller electronic devices, PCB board must be enhanced in the density to meet the requirement about miniaturization and arrays of the electronic components. Along with the advanced assembling methods of ball grid array, chip scale package and direct chip attachment, PCB board is featured with unprecedented high-density. 

HDI PCB has lots of advantages like small size, high speed, high frequency and more. So it is widely used in personal computers, portable computers, mobile phones, personal digital assistants, game consoles, etc.


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