What is KVA?

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A kilo volt ampere, commonly referred to as a kVA, is commonly used as a unit of power in calculating the electrical capacity of circuit breakers, uninterrupted power supplies and wirings. A kVA equals to 1,000 volt-amperes.

Electrical power is typically measured in watts or volt-amperes. The watt unit is sometimes referred to as real power, while the volt-ampere is called the apparent power. The wattage of an electrical component is calculated by the voltage times the current. The volt-amperage is calculated by the voltage times the amperage. 

In a direct current circuit, the wattage and volt-amperage of an electrical device is the same. Variations in real and apparent power are the results of inefficient transference of electricity, which can be represented as the power factor. A power factor of 1 means that the real power is equal to the apparent power. While a power factor of 0.5 indicates that the apparent power is double the value of the real power.


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