What is MVA Power?

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Mega volt amperes (MVA) power is a unit used for measuring apparent power. The apparent power represents the total current and voltage in an electrical circuit. The term is always used to describe the total electrical power in installations. It is also a common rating used in major electrical installations, such as transformers and generators.

Mega volt amperes can be calculated by using other derivatives, such as kilovolt amperes. One thousand kilowatt amperes are equal to one megawatt ampere. When installing power generators and transformers in an electric power substation, the substation’s capacity should calculated by MVA power capacities. Additionally, MVA power is used as a basis for estimating the amount of electrical power that an industry or residential area requires, which should match the MVA power capacity at the substation.

Different power transformers come with different MVA power ratings. Thus, the suitability of power transformers is crucial to obtain a match in power transmission from the substation to industries and households. Moreover, matching MVA power capacity in transformers with the substation can reduce power loss to some degree.

MVA Power  

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