What is a Circuit?

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One of the first things you’ll encounter when learning about electronics is the concept of a circuit. This time EPCB will explain what a circuit is, as well as discuss voltage in further detail.

How voltage Works? You’ve probably heard that a battery or a wall outlet has a certain number of volts. This is a measurement of the electrical potential produced by the battery, or the utility grid connected to the wall outlet. All those volts are sitting there waiting for you to use them, but there’s a catch: in order for electricity to do any work, it needs to be able to move. Unlike air coming out of a balloon, electricity can only flow through materials that can conduct electricity, such as copper wire. 

What makes electricity move? Electricity wants to flow from a higher voltage to a lower voltage. If you create a conductive path between a higher voltage and a lower voltage, electricity will flow along that path. And if you insert something useful into that path like an LED, the flowing electricity will do some work for you, like lighting up that LED. 


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